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Kohler Royal freestanding tub – Limited Edition Stripes Design in cast iron

Cast iron tubs have a lasting appeal, and this eye-catching Limited Edition Stripes Design is a Kohler Royal freestanding tub that brings the traditional design right up-to-date. The arresting multi-coloured stripes make the bathtub intriguing and modern – not to mention easy to coordinate. The stripes, applied so boldly to this classic item, give it a sense of exuberance and irreverence, whilst retaining the timeless aspects of the bathtub that will transcend trends. Standing on its four classic feet, the cast iron tub is likened to an orchid in its splendor. The white finish is also practical, complete with an anti-slip coating. Invite the Limited Edition Stripes Design Royal freestanding tub from Kohler into your heart and home.


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