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New Kohler D-shape Undertone Kitchen Sink – better esthetics

The D-shape bowl Undertone sink from Kohler has an appealing new look where the faucet side’ curve is shaped as a long oval. No doubts, in contrast with the common rectangular-shaped sinks, the D shape creates a more pleasant appearance. The more gentle D-curve fits better with the curved designs of the newest kitchen faucets. New shape causes an equal space exchange between the countertop and the sink where the countertop gaines and the sink loses some area. Made of 18-gauge stainless steel, 9 1/2″ deep. Shown is the Undertone K-3185-NA
extra-large single under-mount sink with D-Bowl shape. Also available are the Undertone K-3148-NA double equal under-mount sink and
K-3099-NA high/low under-mount sink. Kohler


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