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Kludi Q-BEO faucets – new European bathroom faucet line

Kludi just launched a new bathroom faucet line Q-BEO. Kludi Q-BEO is a design-led range of faucets par excellence: cubic forms combined with modern functionalism. Made from high-quality materials and with a beautiful finish. Details such as its rounded edges and inlaid levers produce a harmonious overall effect to this masculine language of form. The interplay of Kludi Q-BEO’s wide faucet range is especially appealing: whether a single-lever mixer for shower, bidet, standard basin or wash-hand basin with or without an outlet set, bath spout or thermostat – all elements in the range follow the cubic design consistently. Perfect for creating a harmonious overall bathroom look – which makes it extremely well-suited to the many demands faced by contemporary homes. Because Kludi Q-BEO is quality just as it should be.



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