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Kitchen trends for 2021 that are the rage

When it comes to spending time at home, there is one area that always brings people together- the kitchen. It’s the one area everyone can come together and enjoy a meal, whether you are cooking it or supervising the food, the kitchen brings everyone together. Although this space, enables you to hang out with your loved ones, sometimes it is forgotten. That might have been the case last year, but not this year. This year we’re looking at kitchen trends that are the rage this 2021.

Green Cabinets

Whether you use an emerald green, a rustic green or a grass green make sure you work with a shade that will brighten yet bring personality to your space.

The idea of having bold cabinetry is one of those trends that has started a few years back and continues to be a top contender. However, the idea is to bring vivid color that will instantly make any space feel as daring as possible- that is where green cabinets come into play. The color is daring while still being on the minimal side. Furthermore, the idea is to have all of your cabinets displayed in the same hue for a cohesive aesthetic.

Aesthetic Cookware

When it comes to having aesthetically pleasing cookware you want to display them as often as you possibly can to ensure you get the most out of your favorite items.

Everything in the world has become about being aesthetic. Whether that is aesthetic clothing, aesthetic décor, or even aesthetic homes cookware is no exception this 2021. If you’re an active cook, who enjoys cooking often and you own an abundance of cookware, it’s time to edit what you have and find a set that offers multiple functions. This year, it’s all about having a minimal approach towards everything you do without compromising what you need these items to do.

Storage & more storage

The better organized your space is the grander the appeal of your kitchen. Furthermore, adding labels will help direct you to where everything should be placed.

Whether you enjoy cooking, baking or you simply have more produce, it’s time to focus on storing it the right way. It’s all about taking your time and evaluating the space you have and where you can place things. If you have a pantry, consider reorganizing it and bringing in labels along with bins. Doing so will give you direction on where to place thins and how to find better storage.

Quality Appliances

You want to ensure all the appliances you have, make sense to the room. Therefore, you only want appliances you will use on a regular basis.

As stated previously, the kitchen has become the main focus of a home with a touch of outdoor dining. Thanks to this more and more people are leaning towards buying quality appliances that will act as a restaurant would. Keeping this in mind, it’s time to upgrade your appliances and seek professional ones that will get the job done effectively.

Modern Faucet

The more unique your faucet is the bolder the room will appear. It’s all about having a daring item that makes the room feel new even if it’s the only trendy item you decide to showcase.

Just like appliances are getting an upgrade, your faucet is too. It’s time to change your traditional faucet and bring a more modern one. You want to consider bringing in faucets that can reach an extended area or even the ones in darker brass. As a result, you will get a more appealing display to your kitchen while still being a noninvasive appeal.

Integrated Hood

The beauty of having an integrated hood range is it’s incognito to the eye. So while some might know exactly what it is, others will not and that’s the beauty of it. It adds a trendy touch right where you need it most.

Every kitchen comes with a hood, it’s one of those items that not everyone appreciates but everyone knows it is needed. This year, it’s all about integrating your hood with your décor. Whether that is by painting the hood the same color as the wall or using tiles that blend with the décor you already have. The idea is to have the hood of your kitchen feel seamless to the rest of your décor.

Bright Colored Cabinets

Use a shade that will work well throughout the entire year not just for the time being. Doing so will ensure you never get tired of the decor you have displayed.

Though you might consider this a summer trend, it’s one of the most popular trends for 2021. It’s all about taking your kitchen to the next level by creating a space that’s chic, charming, and filled with your unique personality. Use a vivid hue such as orange, yellow, pink, or even lilac to construct an area that is completely different from the rest of the room. Pair your bold-colored cabinets with metallic items and have them work in seamlessly.


The bolder your wallpaper the better! It’s all about ensuring the wallpaper makes the statement, it’s intended to do. You want to make a daring approach while still being chic.

Wallpaper has always been one of those signature decorative items used in the kitchen since the 1940s, however, it is officially making a comeback. Many may be thinking “a comeback” it’s been around for 2-3 years so far, while this is true, this year it is coming back hugely. Wallpaper will be displayed on every wall of the kitchen. It will no longer be a thing of having an accent wall, it will be displayed in a big way. Keep the rest of your décor minimal and allow your favorite wallpaper to shine.

Standout Sinks

Bringing in a bold sink, you want to go as bold as you possibly can to make a daring appeal. Consider having a colorful sink to further add personality to your space.

You don’t have to go overboard and completely transform your kitchen to have a trendy space. The simple act of bringing in a bold sink will completely transform your kitchen. Do so by bringing in a showstopping sink that will instantly make the room come to life. You want a large sink that stands out yet doesn’t take away from the rest of your décor. Bring in a soapstone or marble piece and prepare to hear all your guests ask about it.


When adding copper it’s all about going into it with a systematic approach. Doing so will make the room feel as charming and dedicated to having copper as the main focus.

If there is one metal that you should consider having in the kitchen, it’s all about copper. Copper is one of those metal items that not only make a statement, but it ensures the room feels and looks grand. Furthermore, copper appliances tend to add a dash of personality anywhere it is needed.

Which of these ideas are you interested in incorporating into your space? Share with us your ideas of how you would decorate your kitchen using these items below.



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