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Kitchen Faucets from Valpra – Plain

valpra kitchen faucet plain 1 Kitchen Faucets from Valpra – Plain
The Plain kitchen faucets from Valpra are an antidote to design overload. If you yearn for something refined, easy-on-the-eye and unfussy, then the Plain faucet is for you. The counter-mounted tap stands tall before curving into a perfect ‘U’ shape. There is a tubular, cylindrical version, as well as a faceted version with flattened sides. The user-friendly joystick handle mirrors the shape of the spout itself. These kitchen faucets are by Marco Piva, transforming a complex function into the essence of simplicity. A company whose motto is ‘Less is more’, Valpra represent all that is good about Italian designed faucets.
valpra kitchen faucet plain 2 Kitchen Faucets from Valpra – Plain



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