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Kitchen AK_04 by Arrital is Geo Style Perfection

There is so much to love about the AK_04 kitchen by Italian manufacturer, Arrital. First there is the harmonic balance between man made materials with clear finished wood veneers, then there is the asymmetrical geo style that is composed of both closed cabinetry and cantilevered counters and of course there is also the super functionality of the kitchen’s composition. Available through Retreat Design in Subiaco, Washington, Australia, the AK_04 kitchen is a Franco Driusso design that won the 2013 European Interior Innovation Award and I can see why, its amazing.

Arrital has since taken the original Franco Driusso AK_04 kitchen design and layered into it superior European manufacturing technologies in both the kitchen’s incredible finishes and its colours with a final result that is both beautiful to look at as well as beautiful to use. This truly is a chef’s dream kitchen.
Aside from the original Oak, Corian, PaperStone and Lacquer finishes, the AK_04 Kitchen can now feature Nanotech Fenix Ntm Laminates, which are extremely durable and soft to the touch. This resin-based laminate is one of the newest finishes available to the design industry.

New wood choices available are Antique Oak Veneer which showcases distinct graining, checking and knots similar to what can be found in solid wood planking as well as Brushed Flammato Oak Veneer which has a warm, streamlined wood finish.
The modern and contemporary design of the AK_04 kitchen uses extruded aluminum door frames that keep the visual of the cabinetry light and slim yet incredibly strong.
There are 6 new glossy and 6 new frosted glass colors for a wide range of design and color choices.
AK_04 by Arrital is just one of the many European kitchen collections available exclusively through Retreat Design in Subiaco, Washington, Australia. Retreat Design is a kitchen designer / manufacturer / installer that creates innovative and exclusive kitchens and bathrooms for clients, home renovators, builders, developers, designers and architects.
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