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Julien J7 Undermount Kitchen Sink – the new kitchen collection

[KBIS 2007 Previews]
All the function of an industrial sink with a minimalist beauty, the J7 is a novel new kitchen sink by Julien. A fabulous under-mount design the J7 sink features a stunning geometric style with 7mm radii. Hand-crafted the J7 reveals sharp clean lines from beneath the luxurious worktop of your choice. Part of a system, the J7 includes single and double square bowls and colanders with cylindrical bars at each end. The bars dual as both handles and as supports which rest on the edge of the basin suspending them over the sink. Brilliantly functional, Julien J7 under-mount kitchen sink is easy to maintain and enhances the inherent beauty of custom built kitchens. Julien


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