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Jo Sofa By Bruhl

jo sofa bruhl 1 heart thumb 630x401 31043 Jo Sofa By Bruhl

Want to recreate the shape of your sofa on a regular basis? With the Jo Sofa you can. Designed by Kati Meyer-Bruhl this intriguing sofa can be shaped like a heart one day and reformatted the next into a myriad of different shapes. Upholstered in navy cotton with white leather piping, the Jo Sofa is a pretty awesome way to add personality to your home.

jo sofa bruhl 2 heart storage thumb 630x401 31045 Jo Sofa By Bruhl

The heart formation lends itself to having a cubular table tucked into the void at the top of the heart. While irresistibly romantic, this formation is also extremely conducive to conversation.


Pull the heart shape wide open into a V formation and you have the perfect piece to straddle two zones within a large open floor plan. If your dining and living area is within a large rectangular space the Jo Sofa could easily create the division between the two


Opened up in the other direction the heart transforms into a pair of wings. All that’s needed is a large leather ottoman in the void and a large screen TV a few feet further. Awesome configuration up for a media room


Pull the wings apart and tuck a table in-between the two halves for books, magazines or a lamp.


Or instead of a table, how about an additional seat? Love the addition of the white seat to match the piping. Very cool.