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Italian Bathroom Vanity from Gruppotarrini: sleek and sophisticated

Gruppotarrini bathroom vanity Daiquiri - Italian design
If you are searching for a bathroom vanity with understated good taste, the Daiquiri from Gruppotarrini is sure to make a splash. The ingredients of sink, mirror and drawers, each with exquisite Italian design taste, can be combined to create your ideal vanity. The sink is uniquely interpreted, with a smart extended splash top area. It sits atop your choice of units… in glossy black or white the drawers reveal compartmentalised storage for all your bathroom essentials. With a contrasting stainless steel handle running the length of the vanity, the stripped-down style adds nothing more than what is needed. Other storage may be wall-mounted or floor-standing, giving you exactly the right amount of space. Finally, the silver or gold framed mirrors complete the look of the Daiquiri Vanity from Gruppotarrini… a perfectly blended cocktail of the most important elements for your bathroom!
Gruppotarrini vanity Daiquiri with a gold mirror
Gruppotarrini vanity Daiquiri - drawer

Daiquiri vanity - drawer organizer


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