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It Took 8 Months to Uproot Tree Stump and Form the Square Root Table

Racine Carree is French for Square Root making the English name the Square Root Table. By either name, the table is a beautiful melding of a found oak stump, a unique bespoke design by Thomas de Lussac and traditional craftsmanship via the dove tailing that joins the tabletop and single leg with the section of tree trunk itself.
The oak stump was found in the Perch region of northwestern France and Perchebois craftsmen E. Chartrain, Bouhours and Gautier constructed this tree inspired furniture.

The dovetail joinery used is much larger than the standard dovetails used in fine furnishings!
The single tapered table leg joins the table top with a Through Mortise type joint.
It took over 8 months to complete the table.
The original stump was extracted from the ground via a crane and the first cuts top and bottom where made with a chainsaw.
As with most stumps, the meandering, organic form was rough and it took a lot of sanding before the assemblage could begin.
The initial design was sketched out on paper before the construction process began.
Thomas de Lussac.
Photography by Young-ah Kim.
Found wood is also the basis for the Wooden Sphere Furniture series, which just like this Square Root table takes an artistic approach with natural sections of wood to create unique and beautiful designs.


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