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Interior Design with Wood

Ever imagine an interior design with wood where everything, including floors, wall paneling, trim, furniture, and even ceiling, is made of … wood? You’re not alone. Nestled in a forest in Massachusetts, this small home features a wonderful design that is just that. Maryann Thompson Architects chose red cedar for the interior and the exterior of the home. From the inside looking out, the connection to the landscape can be appreciated. As usual, wood really warms the space and since it is used consistently through the home it’s nice that they created some dimension and depth by playing with panel direction and color. Notice how all the wall and ceiling wood runs horizontally, while the built in furniture for the kitchen is lighter and runs vertically. The layout is also expertly thought out. In just 750 sq ft, this home has two sleeping alcoves, a kitchen, living and separate dining spaces and a bathroom and manages to retain that open, spacious feel. Visit Maryann Thompson Architects for more information.
Photo credit: Nathan Eikelberg
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