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Indoor Bridge – a Bridge Between Modern and Nostalgic

Take a stroll after dinner and walk over your very own indoor bridge: The perfect indoor adventure for the romantic at heart. Bear your soul to your loved one in this dreamy recreational and entertainment area by Ceramiche Ricchetti that is all at once modern and nostalgic. The room is surrounded by a grey stone wall that has a cavernous and gothic appeal, and an almost church like serenity. The dark ceiling could be oppressive in this oval room; however, it is directly opposed by the neutral, sandy flooring, which significantly lightens up the space. The floor is made of Milestone Beige fine porcelain stoneware and adds the right amount of subtle pattern against the natural stone wall. The indoor bridge is clearly the central point of this design, and is kept very simple with varnished wood slats, yet is also sleek with the silver railings. Tall modern columns polish off the look of contemporary versus medieval, and add that grandiose quality that makes the space so attractive.


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