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Industrial Design Ring House is Pure Zen

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The Ring House & Atelier, by Marwan Zgheib, was the Platinum A’ Design Award Winner in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category for 2013 – 2014. Designed for a jeweler in the city of Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – it provides quiet zen-like space to inspire creativity. The house is designed to maximize flow and the outdoor space is substantial. The interior consists of a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and an atelier (workshop). And outside – a lone symbolic tree and a water feature are the only adornments, yet the space is so calming. And while the exterior wall is a sphere and perfect circle – the interior living space is a rectangle. One might think this would conflict but in this case, it is pure harmony. The circular wall provides a womb-like atmosphere, a safe place where nothing can interrupt your thoughts. It would be the perfect place for anyone who creates – somewhere they could concentrate without interruption. We always find it so incredible when such minimalism can inspire so heartily. But such is the way of Zen.

industrial design ring house pure zen 2 thumb 630xauto 52174 Industrial Design Ring House is Pure Zen

A lone tree adds to the Zen-like qualities of the Ring House.


More information: A’ Design Award



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