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Induction Wok Cooktop by Kuppersbusch – the high-tech cooking

We really like the new Kuppersbush Induction Wok Cooktop … Not only because it uses electromagnetic induction to prepare food faster while saving more energy, employs Sensor-Touch controls (no knobs) and innovative Glass Ceramic surfacing, features Child-Safety Lock and Pan Detection, is so easy to clean and comes with the Wok … But also because it has such an appealing high-tech look that would fit perfectly in a luxury kitchen of a contemporary house or an urban style loft… it also makes cooking a much more fun. It’s the Kuppersbusch’ high-end kitchen style all over. Retail Price is US $3500. Find out more about this Induction Wok Cooktop at Kuppersbusch.

The stainless steel WOK-pan that comes with:


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