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Electric Cooktops by Kuppersbusch – built-in honeycomb cooktop

Looking for an electric cooktop? Kuppersbusch honeycomb electric cooktops is our favorite choice. It would look great in modern kitchen, especially when installed on the island. It’s built-in, made out of glass ceramic material, comes with up to 6 cooking zones, sensor controls, child-safety lock and many other exiting features. The cooking zones and the ‘touch’ control unit both are shaped as hexagons or honeycombs that can be arranged into 28 different layouts.
Price is from US $550 and up. The electric connection is standard for US or Europe. The flush-fitting honeycomb cook-top zones come in several designs – see complete specifications at Kuppersbusch.

Layout options for honeycomb electric cook tops are endless (red hexagon is a control unit):


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