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Fabulous Ways To Incorporate Purple In Your Home

The color purple has recently become the IT hue to use, not only is it the color of the year, but it’s royal, it’s chic, it’s feminine, it’s eclectic and has become a trending color to use in your home. Unlike popular belief, purple is an extremely versatile color, yet it as a bad reputation due to many not knowing how to incorporate it into the home. Here are fabulous ways to incorporate different shades of purple in your home.

Create a Look

Mauve is an excellent addition to purple due to its versatility and ability to become one when they are paired together. Pairing these two hues will add a purple tint throughout the space that is classic and well-rounded.

We love the idea of creating a look with the color purple instead of simply adding it simultaneously into the space. Creating a look will allow the hues of purple to become the main staple of the space. Use hues of lavender, and/or lilac and pair them with shades of mauve. Mauve is a beautiful color that has a gray undertone when it is paired with purple it shifts in color a bit and offers a lilac undertone.

Daring Purple Walls

An accent wall works well in any area of a home, including the kitchen. The beauty of this is when you have an open floor plan as part of your kitchen you have the advantage of having the purple accent wall be displayed throughout the space.

If you want to take a daring approach towards using hues of purple in your home, use an accent purple wall. Having a bold, bright, daring purple wall as your decorative focal point could be exactly what your space needs to come back to life. Many times, your space may be in need of a color upgrade, the accent wall would help with that.

Regal Sofa

Instead of having one purple sofa consider having two. Having two sofa’s combined together will make a bigger impact especially when it is paired with neutrals and a hint of bright pink.

A purple sofa? Yes, please. Pair your purple sofa with other colorful bits to create a grounding effect throughout. Additionally, there is the beauty of creating a summery vibe that can be interchanged for the cooler months by simply changing your color scheme a bit. We love the idea of adding a hot pink chair to pair with your regal purple sofa.


We love the idea of pairing a fun color such a periwinkle with a daring shade such as red. The beauty of using these shades together is that they will compliment each other in the most subtle form. Use darker wood in the area to allow the lighter hues to stand out on their own.

Do not miss out on having the ability to incorporate periwinkle into your décor, it’s the perfect in-between shade, it’s not quite purple but it’s not blue either. Its undertones are a bit more blue and lavender depending on which shades the color is paired with. For a blue undertone use hues of pastel blues and for a purple undertone pair with shades of dark purple.

Pair with Silver

Pairing multiple shades of purple with bits of silver throughout the space create an elegant charming touch. This color combination works exceptionally well in the dining room due to its ability to look crisp and clean regardless of the amount of pattern you may contemplate using.

Use your favorite hue of purple and place it in the dining room. The dining room is a perfect area to use shades of purple, especially when it is paired with silver. Silver is perfect for creating a contrast between the different shades of purple you may use, it will bring forth a softness to the shade that is seamless.

Go Glossy

They’re trendy, fun and uncommon which makes glossy cabinets a top favorite for many homeowners who want to create a contemporary aesthetics in their kitchen. A glossy finish works well in a neutral room that has additional matte elements, this will create a contrast between the two.

Instead of going full matte go glossy, especially in the kitchen. Glossy kitchen cabinets have become a huge trend which is why they work so well when they are paired in the kitchen. Pair with marble to bring a classic touch to this trendy new take on kitchen counters.

Lavender Armchairs

Wanting to add that hint of purple but haven’t figured out how to do it exactly? If this is the case using an accent chair in a lavender hue is the way to go. It is soft yet has a daring format aesthetics, pair with similar color cushions for a well-rounded appeal.

Have a neutral room that needs a bit of color but do not want to add a daring punch? If so, adding lavender armchairs is one of the best ways to go. They are neutral yet have a simple punch of color that simply makes sense. The aesthetics of the room will still remain the same but with an added touch of stylish, charm.

Mix & Match

The idea of mixing and matching different shades of purple works well because of how bold and enchanting the hues can be when they are worked in seamlessly. Pair with neutrals and/or metals to allow the colors to make sense without taking away from the true essence of the color.

Take a few hues of purple and mix and match them throughout the room. The different shades add a unique twist while still complimenting each other. They create a seamless look that flows throughout the space. Pair darker hues of purple with soft lilacs and lavenders for the perfect touch.


Add a purple wallpaper with some sort of pattern for the perfect outcome. You want the pattern to add a bold touch into the area without taking away from your current decor. You may want to consider using a lighter hue for the wallpaper and adding bolder hues throughout the space.

Go for a purple wallpaper that offers some sort of texture or color combination. Doing so brings a brightening effect that will still bring color and charm to the area. This will work well in any room due to wallpaper being easy to incorporate, while still working well with your already existing décor.

Purple Kitchen Island

A purple kitchen island is perfect for an added burst of color. Use in a neutral room for the perfect contrast. The beauty of this is the space seems larger and more put together which provides an elegant appeal.

For a surprise colorful touch consider adding a purple kitchen island to your kitchen. Pair with red and gold bits for a seamless touch that creates a modern aesthetic. The idea is to have the island become the main focus of the kitchen while still being chic and classic.

Do you love purple as much as we do? If so, please share with us some ways you plan on incorporating the regal hue into your current décor in the comments below.


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