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Illuminating Tile Mosaic – glowing in the dark tiles by Lucedentro

Here’s a cool new tile that’s sure to turn you on! This illuminating tile mosaic is by Lucedentro, an innovative Italian company that specializes in photoluminescence to literally shed some light on new and inventive design. “Photoluminescence” is the ability to naturally absorb solar or electric light, and when the lights go out the photoluminescent materials – in this case, the tiles – glow in range of cool colors. Photoluminescence can be incorporated into the production of various materials like glass, ceramic, plastic and wax, so your home can literally shine, even in the dark. Whether glowing or not, these trendy mosaic tiles look great and they’re totally safe. These photo-luminescent ceramic mosaic tiles measure 1.7 by 1.7 cm. Sure, they may be small, but they make a big impression! Check out these cool illuminating tile mosaics by Lucedentro.



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