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Illuminated Art Mirrors by Alchemy Glass & Light – new mirror designs inspired by a solar eclipse

Alchemy Glass & Light Launches the new Full Moon Mirror Collection of Internally Illuminated Art Mirrors. Based in downtown Los Angeles and greatly admired on Trendir for their beautiful art glass vessel sinks, glass countertops, lighting and other art creations, Alchemy has introduced a new collection of unique and stunning statement mirrors which cast a patterned glow on surrounding surfaces. Entirely one-of-a-kind, these artistic creations are the work of Company Owner and Artist Steve Weinstock. Large, sculptural and self-illuminated, the mirrors are created by placing precious minerals and metals within fused glass, which allows a vibrant and natural color palette to evolve. Many of the mirrors feature fragmented glass patterns in a variety of heavenly hues. When lit, the mirrors are reminiscent of the halo effect: which is when the sun’s corona explodes, and forms a halo around the moon during a solar eclipse. As a striking, textured piece of art, the Full Moon Mirrors make a dramatic statement when placed in a vestibule, master bedroom or as the focal point of the great room.
Aqua Luna
Unlike other mirrors, which lie flat against the wall, the mirrors in this collection curve up and away from the wall up to eight inches, giving them a dramatic depth of presence. Different mirror styles will cast their own unique patterned glow on the wall when lit. This unmatchable collection of mirrors is illuminated from within for a luxurious and diamond-like glow. “The glass colors and textures of the Full Moon Mirrors are stunning,” said Weinstock. “Let’s face it: beauty is multidimensional – so should be the piece that reflects one’s beauty.” The mirrors are available in the Celestial, Prestige and Cienega designs. Lighting hardware is enclosed behind the mirror and calls for a 40 watt, circular T5 energy-saving florescent bulb. Alchemy Glass & Light
Pure Gold

Pure Gold (front view)
Cosmic Burst
Terra Nova (front view)
Cosmic Burst (detail)
Aqua Luna (detail)


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