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Iconic Wing Washbasin Design by Falper

Imagine – a washroom sink so well-styled that it should be in a gallery. Falper’s Wing collection from Italy is a high level Ludovico Lombardi design that will define the room. No one, but no one, is going to use your rest room and not comment on this basin. The Wing is made from ‘cristoplant’, a non-toxic, flame retardant material that mimics natural stone – yet has a “soft touch” effect. It is hygienic and 100% recyclable, keeping with the trend to ecological responsibility. Pair this stunning wall sink with a round shape (below) to echo the washbasin’s own curves, or pair it with a long rectangular piece (also below) to accentuate the “stretched” illusion of the design. The spoon-like organic shape gives you vertical and horizontal lines to work with – but the sleek curve is the key. Show it off with just one single light pointed directly at this work of art. And don’t limit your thinking — this piece will go with any style as long as it’s treated as the focal point it’s meant to be. This iconic design is as much a sublime sculpture as it is a functional work of master craftsmanship.

Pair the Wing washbasin with a round mirror to amplify the curves.
The curves are the key to this iconic design.
This piece of functional art becomes the focus of any room.
Pair it with a long rectangular shape to accentuate the ‘stretched’ element.
More information: Falper


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