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House with Built-In Window Nook and Interior Fire Pit

The Werkhaus by Thomas Kroger Architects has two key features for us: the built-in window nook and interior fire pit. Highly unusual treatments of each. And both techniques you could use in any style house, really. The window is actually a nook in the wall – not a bay window as you would expect. On the exterior, it’s flush to the house walls. And inside, you can sit in what almost amounts to an entire wall of window and look out. Just consider the natural light this window treatment affords – incredible. And then we turn to the interior fire pit (below). How elegant and clean looking. You do need a concrete floor – but can you imagine this incredible fire pit in the middle of your great room? Or any room for that matter. Two clever ideas to help transform your space – no matter what your style!

The interior fire pit is in a room with a cement floor – and very upscale looking.
More information: Thomas Kroger


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