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Home Gym Designs That Will Make You Wanna Sweat

There is nothing like that feeling after a good workout. What it’s even better is when you can slip into your own shower to comfortably get ready for the day. Even if you have just a few free minutes each day for exercise, you’re much more likely to be willing to spend it in your own home gym without commuting for an hour and a half to some chain. It’s also more hygienic, and can be designed to your preferred taste. The only downside to having your own fitness room is space and finances, which you’ll have to spare heavily.

Stylish Feature Walls

If space isn’t an issue, you’re in luck. All you have to do is decide on essential equipment, and choose an arrangement. You don’t have to over decorate, but a stylish feature wall will instantly make your gym pop and attract attention.

Stylish exercise room
Stylish exercise room via HGTV
Bright gym idea by Harmony Weihs
Bright gym idea by Harmony Weihs
Gym Inspirational Quote Vinyl Sticker
Gym Inspirational Quote Vinyl Sticker via Overstock
Gym feature wall
Gym feature wall by Widawscy Studio Architektury
Unique gym design
Unique gym design by Studio80id

It can be a colored pattern, a vinyl sticker, or even an architectural solution. You also can’t go wrong with 3D tiles.

What really looks cool is the graphic black and white stenciled patterned with imperfections in the form of leaking paint.

Color Schemes

Speaking of colors, many opt for dull neutrals for their home gyms, but that’s the charm of having a private home gym, you can add any bright accents you want to it. Those can be wall racks, colorful mats, or even exercise balls.

Sleek contemporart exercise room
Sleek contemporary exercise room by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design
Futuristic gym room
Futuristic gym room by Toronto Interior Design Group
Industrial-style home gym
Industrial-style home gym by Ruslan Kovalchuk
Yoga room
Yoga room via Decor Charm

If you don’t want to invest in wall-sized mirrors, you could decorate them (walls) with framed hangings like themed posters and photography.

These will bring some color and dynamic to the room. You can coordinate those colors to create a more homogenous look or conversely play on contrasts.

Glass Enclosures

If you don’t have a separate room to spare, but there’s quite enough of square footage in your plan, you could enclose the area with glass partitions. This will help you create a quiet nice room for exercising without boxing it in.

Glass gym
Glass gym via Carpet VidaLondon
Glass ecnlosed gym by Finished Basement Company
Glass enclosed gym by Finished Basement Company
Cool contemporary home gym by London Basement
Cool contemporary home gym by London Basement
Butterfly House in Sydney House Fitness-Room
Butterfly House in Sydney House Fitness-Room via Caan Design

Open layouts often feature glass-enclosed rooms like wine cellars, for instance. This is a great way of keeping the layout airy and open.

This also has to be a much more cost-efficient way of creating a separate room. Glass partitions aren’t as expensive to install as building new walls.

Great Views

Continuing the theme of glass walls, they can bring in not only the daylight but also great views that you can enjoy while pounding on a treadmill. This is a great way to increase your cardio time without losing your mind.

Garage gym
Garage gym via Hammerhead Strength Equipment Blog
Villa Majesty gym overlooking the water
Villa Majesty gym overlooking the water
Gym at a Miami Beach Penthouse
Gym at a Miami Beach Penthouse by Decorextra
Michael Bay's home gym
Michael Bay’s home gym via Interiors by Studiom
MG Residence half open gym
MG Residence half open gym by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados
Poolside gym
Poolside gym by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Some luxury homes take advantage of the indoor/outdoor approach to bring in the views as well as create comfortable exercise conditions with natural temperature and fresh air.

Even if you don’t have a great locale outside, you could always use some bright natural light to cheer you up in the morning.

Grey Gym Rooms

Grey is an interestingly popular color for home gyms. It’s understandable, as it’s stylish on its own but can also handle a dose of bright accents. Dark, medium, or light grey are the perfect bases for any fitness room.

Attic gym
Attic gym via HGTV
Fitness room concept
Fitness room concept via Moment Space
Gym tent
Gym tent room by Richard Keith Langham
Classic room design
Classic room design via Zimbio

Yellow and red are the most suitable pairs for grey, but you can go with white and black for a stylish contrast.

Any decorating style can handle grey, so whether you’re planning a classy gym room with a fireplace and a seating area or a Crossfit box, you can always count on grey.

Concrete Gym Ideas

Since grey is so versatile, concrete makes a fitting material for a gym. You don’t have to plaster it, if you don’t want to. It will give your exercise room a heavy industrial feel that goes well with steel equipment.

Cool concrete gym
Cool concrete gym by John Kramer & Sons
Open spacious gym by NMA Architects
Open spacious gym by NMA Architects
Sleek gym with concrete floors
Sleek gym with concrete floors via Brussels Sotheby’s Realty
Basement rec room
Basement rec room via HGTV

Just like grey paint, concrete can handle bright colorful accents well. They can be a feature wall or pieces of equipment. You can also complement it with wooden elements and furnishings.

Concrete floors are also quite practical, but if you’re afraid of damaging them, special mats will help you protect any type of surface.

Gym Door Designs

Everything goes into design plan. Even doors. Unusual gym doors can help you make your exercise space more interesting or organic with the rest of the interiors. Glass enclosures work really well with sliding door mechanisms.

Contemporary gym with a garage door
Contemporary gym with a garage door via Museum Design
Mini gym
Mini gym by Habitat Studio
Highly organized gym by Finished Basement Company
Highly organized gym by Finished Basement Company

Garage doors are perfect for opening the place up to the views or creating that indoor/outdoor atmosphere.

In the last design, there is a hidden door within the storage system that connects the gym to another room, allowing multiple access to it.

State-of-the-Art Gym

What goes into a state-of-the-art gym? Well, mostly equipment. If you want your tech to be the most accurate and durable, be ready to splurge. This is especially useful, if your career is connected to sports.

State-of-the-art gym
State-of-the-art gym via Sotheby’s Homes
Contemporary gym in Bel Air
Contemporary gym in Bel Air by McClean Design
Cool gym design
Cool gym design by Iosa Ghini
Tom Dixon-designed gym
Tom Dixon-designed gym

You can also add a designer element to it. Tom Dixon shows that a gym can look much different to a mere room full of machines.

Additional elements like a swimming pool can make your gym hotel-worthy, not to mention allow for more cardio options for when you’re just not feeling like climbing on a treadmill.

Loft Spaces

Loft gyms and gym lofts aren’t typical, but they do exist. It’s not a practical solution of any kind, but it shows that you can set a fitness room in any floor plan.

Loft gym
Loft gym via Templeton Robinson
Loft home gym
Loft home gym via Art Decorations Design
Teresa Sapey Loft Gym
Teresa Sapey Estudio Loft Gym

In case of the last project, the fitness room is simply elevated above the living area, which is surprising and refreshing, since these types of spaces are often shoved down the basement or at least the garage.

Spacious Rooms

A public gym should be big, especially if it has a lot of visitors. It will house more equipment, and save people time waiting for machines. If you want a bigger home gym, it’s got to have to do with you wanting more different machines.

French Country Estate gym
French Country Estate gym by VanBrouck and Associates
Recreational spacious gym
Recreational spacious gym via HGTV
Star gym
Star gym via The Sun

Anything can be done, if you’ve got the cash. Golfer Jordan Spieth’s house features a gym room with an Olympic heavy lifting platform, a few different cardio machines, a weight rack, and some benches and pull-up bars.

You can also fit some other features like a punching bag or a Smith machine, if you want it. Or you can combine your work out room with a rec area for games and TV to get entertained between rounds.

Stylish Finishing Materials

Stylish finish can take your gym design to the next level. Wooden slats always look great. They can also help your sauna fit organically with the space.

In-home wood-clad gym
In-home wood-clad gym by Ronda Divers Interiors
Cool Miami home gym
Cool Miami home gym via Vogue
Home gym with exposed brick
Home gym with exposed brick by Soesthetic

Brick veneers can give your gym that cool industrial vibe without brutality that concrete usually brings. You don’t even have to keep them red.

Neutral Gym Room Ideas

A neutral gym room is a room without distractions. You come there to train, not to contemplate and admire. Well, we still insist that neutral gyms don’t have to be boring.

Neutral home gym
Neutral home gym by Jackson & Leroy
Stylish home gym
Stylish home gym by Centric Design Group
White gym
White gym via Masterskaya Style

You can focus the design element on the floors or the ceiling to keep it out of your crosshair. A simple stylish combination of neutral colors can also give the room a cool vibe.

Home gym is a sound investment, if you love exercising, and want to save time on commute. Besides being a practical use of space, it can also increase your house value for the prospective buyers.


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