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Home Bar Ideas for a Modern Entertainment Space

If you love putting together new drinks and entertaining family and friends than having a home bar should be on your next to-do list. Nothing screams entertainment quite like having a home bar. Before you begin customizing your home bar you want to figure out exactly where you want it. Keep in mind if you want your home bar to have appliances or filtered water you want to choose an area in your home that has the needed hook ups. Here are some home bar ideas that will modernize your entertainment space.

Stocked Bar with LED Backlighting Display

LED lights can be changed to customize your home decor setting which is great when you want to change up your decor without changing any aspect of the home

Why showcase your favorite drink of choice with a simple backdrop lighting when you can have LED backlights that change according to your mood? Having a stocked bar means offering multiple different liquor beverages that are on display for all to see. To add to the stocked bar pair it with LED lights to really bring out the entertainment space.

Basement Corner Space

A corner home bar in your basement is a great way to begin creating the man cave you have always wanted to have

If you own a basement then you know how quickly it can become another storage room. Instead of having your basement be your storage space, consider having a basement corner bar. Take the corner space that is right under the stairs that lead down to the basement and create a custom bar. Selecting lively neutral colors such as white, beige or pastel gray help brighten up the space.

Custom Built-In Wet Bar

A custom built-in wet bar can be designed to fit any space in your home. In fact, you can place your wet bar anywhere in your home that may be in need of an upgrade.

Your home bar space does not need to be a full-on bar with LED lights like the first idea we mentioned. Instead, you can have a custom built-in wet bar. This idea works great when you have a corner or space in the kitchen that is not being utilized. Instead of creating another counter space, consider adding a custom built-in wet bar that doubles up as your entertainment space.

Bold Backdrop

A cherry red backdrop paired with dark wood will give you the elegant and sophisticated feel you want to have in your home.

Many home bars consist of neutral tones such as gray, black or silver. When it comes to modernizing the home, bar consider adding a bright, colorful backdrop to the bar space. A bright color as the backdrop can ultimately bring a modern touch to the space. Choose colors such as yellow, teal, or even turquoise as they add a punch of color while still being easy to work with.

Invisible Wine Racks

Take it a step further and create a glass wine cellar that will showcase your wine collection in a more upscale manner

If you happen to be a wine lover and have a large collection of different types of wines having invisible wine racks is an excellent way of showcasing them. Invisible wine racks give an intricate look to the space while being very modern. It is also a great way of organizing your wine space without adding bulky storage.

Stone Focal Wall

A stone focal wall can upgrade your bar space as it brings in a different look into the room the bar is placed it.

Having a focal point in any area of a home is always a good idea as it creates visual appeal in the space. If you want to make your bar area a focal point in your home, contemplate the idea of having a stone wall be the backdrop to the bar. A stone focal wall makes a powerful statement while still being rustic.

Curved Bar Table

A curved table is great when you have a smaller space and want to add a home bar. Curved bar tables are typically smaller. Therefore they’re perfect to have in the home.

Traditional bar tables are typically square and built to fit a number of bar stools. In order to modernize your home bar consider having a curved bar table instead. A curved bar table allows the room to appear larger as the table isn’t as big. It is also an excellent way to add a custom and creative touch to your home bar design.

Bold Cabinets

Colorful cabinets add an extra touch of color to your home. Consider bold colors such as navy blue, red or even yellow for a pop of color

Eye-catching cherry red or sea blue doesn’t typically seem like the colors you would incorporate into your home bar. However, they are the colors you may want to consider painting your cabinets. Bold, colorful cabinets brighten up the space as well as create a modernized area for your bar area.

Sleek and Modern

If elegance is what you seek in a home bar. Using marble for your bar is the way to go. It s an excellent addition to any home decor you may already have.

Having a sleek bar space can be the ultimate addition to your home. It can make you feel as if you have added a high-end space in the home that you didn’t have before.  Creating a sleek and modern bar can be with marble. Marble gives off the sleek and luxurious appearance you may be striving for. Make sure the bar stools you use are the same color as the bar table used for the ultimate elegant look.

Café Style

Paint the backdrop of your cafe bar with chalkboard paint for a fun new attention to the space. It is also an excellent way of sharing with others what drink or meal is on the menu for that day.

A café style home bar is the perfect addition to any home area because of its versatility. The versatility lies in the cafe style home bar is able to be used as a home entertainment space for adults as well as a quick breakfast eating area for kids.

Do you have any plans or ideas to create or modernize your home bar? Let us know in the comments below!


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