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High-End Bathroom from Gruppo Atma – Junco bathroom

gruppo atma compab junco 1 High End Bathroom from Gruppo Atma   Junco bathroom
The Junco bathroom from Gruppo Atma is a high end bathroom that, above all, demonstrates elegance need not be sidelined in a modern bathroom. After all, a high-end bathroom expresses your personality, and should accordingly reveal your excellent taste. Fascinating mock crocodile skin covers the vanity and drawers, adding an excitingly exotic touch. The square stainless steel handles provide a reference to contemporary trends, ensuring the classic style of the Junco bathroom is nonetheless up-to-date. A magnificent gold-colored sink adds volumes to the ambiance of indulgence. Talk to Gruppo Atma if you find you are drawn to the mysterious allure of the high-end bathroom.
gruppo atma compab junco 2 High End Bathroom from Gruppo Atma   Junco bathroom



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