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Herbeau’s Medicis Copper Bathtub 0711 – Bath Couture

No, it’s not from the Medici family… but it was inspired by those times, and it’s by Herbeau Creations. The most exciting piece of Herbeau’s Bath Couture O Collection, where the charm and gracious living of the past merge with the technology of the present.
As by the French tradition of amour, the tub is generously sized for two. Herbeau 0711 is a freestanding bathtub, made from a weathered copper and plated with satin nickel inside. This unique piece, the “Medicis” copper bath, is made by Herbeau artisans, and is superbly crafted over hundreds of hours of handiwork.
The Medicis copper bathtub is a new kind of luxury that would be the focal point of your master bathroom. You can get matching towel bars, lighting fixtures and decorative tiles from Herbeau. Parameters: 75″ long, 33-1/2″ wide and 27-1/2″ deep. Expect to pay from $48,000 to $67,000. Herbeau


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