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Hansa Minacor Washbasins

Harmony infuses the new Hansa Minacor Washbasin series. Made from the ground-breaking new mineral material Minacor, the basins are warm and velvety to the touch. But much more than that – Minacor is a hard-wearing sink surface that offers new ways of realising the form of a washbasin. The HansaCanyon, HansaMurano and HansaLatrava washbasins feature cleverly integrated outlets for water. These mirrored by the form of the matching faucets to give each basin even more style! HansaCanyon is characterised by a slim, rectangular geometry. Precise lines restrain the water within the faucet until it flows freely from the spout, to slip away down the neat, systematic channel in the middle of the sink. HansaMurano, on the other hand, is all about curving lines. A circular channel runs around the perimeter of the sink. The intriguing faucet is topped with a transparent halo of glass. This contrasts with, yet complements, the steel faucet structure. HansaLatrava faucet juts out at an angle, creating a lovely waterfall effect. The basin harmonises beautifully with a mirror-image impression of the faucet. Show your own style in your bathroom – contact Hansa to find out more.


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