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Hand Tufted Wool Rugs by Gan Rugs

So many spots, so little time! These hand-tufted wood rugs by Gan Rugs feature these delightful dots are made of 100 per cent wool, pampering your feet while providing a fashionable visual facet to your floors.
The Championes rug reminds us of smooth stones on a beach, randomly dropped and protruding in their different sizes on a sand-colored background. The irregular edges add to the rug’s organic aesthetic. The Championes rug comes in rectangular and round, measuring 170 by 240 cm, 200 by 300 cm and 250 cm diameter.

The Codigo rug is the opposite of the Championes design, with strings of different-sized beige spots sunken into a rich tan-colored foreground. This rectangular rug is available in 170 by 240 cm and 200 by 300 cm.
The Mota 2 rug by Josa A. Gandía-Blasco has a little more order in its pretty polka-dot motif. The bright-cream background is adorned in different-colored recessed spots. Choose from three rectangular sizes – 150 by 200 cm, 170 by 240 cm, and 200 by 300 cm.
The Trokk rug designed by Francesc Rife is a little more subdued, but not any less spectacular. The brown rug is dotted with moss-colored spots. Choose from sizes 170 by 240 cm, and 240 by 240 cm.
For more information on these hand-made wood rugs, visit Gan Rugs.


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