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Grey Bathroom Trends That Are A Must-See

Grey bathrooms are having a big moment this year. The color itself has become a huge trend due to its versatility, so much so that it is now taking a front row seat when it comes to bathroom décor. Here are grey bathroom trends that are a must-see for modern inspiration.

Concrete Walls

Why keep the fun indoors when you can take it directly outside with an outdoor shower. Adding a concrete wall outdoors is perfect for that modern aesthetic while still being traditional. Use rocks and stone to complete your outdoor oasis. 

Concrete walls have become a trendy touch in many areas of the home, especially when they are paired with grey walls and flooring. The idea is to have a seamless effect within the grey hues and the concrete walls. Add a three-dimensional touch with a pop of color such as red, or even pink.

Floor-to-ceiling Tiling

You don’t necessarily have to use the same tiles for your walls and your flooring. You can use different tiles to create a unique appeal that is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye while still being a focal point.

Choose a lighter hue of grey and create a floor-to-ceiling tiling for a more appealing aesthetics. Go grey all over with your tiling to have a seamless blend. You want to use a shade of grey that makes sense and feels timeless with any décor bits you add.

Gray Walls

The color grey itself brings an undeniable elegance that is difficult to recreate. In fact, the beauty of the color itself lies on it being an excellent “pairing color” so much so that when it is paired with bold hues it allows the shades used to become the main staple of the space.

Simple gray walls could be exactly what you are missing in a space. Mix in stark white bathroom furniture and you are ready to go. You may even want to mix and match your gray hues for a modern contrast.

Pale Grey with Wood

The lightness of the pale grey will bring a bit of brightness to the wooden elements you decide to use in your bathroom area. Consider using one shade of grey through the entire bathroom for a well-blended appeal while still allowing the wood to make a statement on its own even though it’s a nude hue.

What a better way to work in hues of grey, then paired with wood. Doing so brings a classic farmhouse appeal that is charming and chic that can be felt throughout the entire space. One of the hottest trends is to pair neutrals and allow them to have bits of texture for an elevated twist.

Bring on the Marble

Bits of grey blended with marble is the perfect combination for an elegant, timeless bathroom. There is something about blending the two together that feels very traditional and timeless. Consider having grey veining in your marble for a modern twist that isn’t as stark as black and white marble is.

Marble is a staple in the bathroom, therefore, it only makes sense for it to be a part of the grey bathroom trend. Consider having a marble wall and/or a marble countertop and utilizing different hues of grey that blend well together.

Grey Tub

Whether you have a pastel color scheme or a masculine appeal adding a grey standalone tub is always an excellent form of adding a chic piece that is a statement on its very own without the need of additive that don’t make much sense to your current decor. 

There is nothing quite as soothing as having a large classic standalone tub in a bathroom it makes a statement while still having that simplistic feel. Additionally, you want to have a pale grey tub and pair it with lighter hues of grey throughout.

Wallpaper Contrast

Regardless of what wallpaper you decide to use, using different shades of grey will bring a modern dynamic into the bathroom that is not only appealing but classic. Use the lighter hues in the upper part of your walls and the darker hues on the bottom to make the space feel bigger.

We love utilizing wallpaper in any room due to their beauty and ability to add texture. Consider using a grey textured, patterned and/or both wallpaper and keeping the rest of the décor simple. Allowing the rest of the décor to be simple will make the wallpaper the main focus.

Better on the Dark Side

A darker, richer hue is a huge symbol of elegance and beauty without having to use numerous different shades. Its grand effect comes from how rich the darker shade can be. Incorporate darker hues of wood and even bits of black to further enhance the darker hues of grey.

If you want to add a masculine feel to your bathroom using a dark shade of grey is an excellent way to go. Pair your dark shades of grey with bits of black, metallic, and neutral for the perfect masculine feel that is still minimalist.

Bring on the Lights

Why have one chandelier when you can have two. The beauty of having more then one chandelier and/or intricate light fixture is that you can create a symmetrical display. Additionally, you want to add smaller light fixtures to bring even more brightness to the space.

Nothing screams elegance quite like having numerous shades of grey in one room and work in a bold chandelier. The daring chandelier will not only bring an edgy hint, but it adds an extra added dose of light which is always necessary for the bathroom.

Feminine Beauty

Dove grey is one of the lightest shades of grey which works very well when you want to have a neutral space with little to no color. There is something feminine about it, especially when it is displayed with bits of luxury such as a chandelier, a standalone etc.

For a feminine take use, a “dove grey.” This hue is exceptional due to its undertones- pink, peach, and white. These undertones together create the beautiful feminine hue. Add bits of white and neutrals to bring that traditional feminine beauty.

Are you interested in trying out this new trend? Share with us your tips for a grey bathroom in the comments below.


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