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Graffiti Proof Wallcovering for Kids – Modula Wall by Yellow Goat

What kid wouldn’t want to play with animal blocks on the wall? I bet adults can’t resist, either! Another new twist on wallcoverings from Yellow Goat Studios in Australia. Any kid who enters this room will make a bee-line for the brightly colored interactive squares. Squares that help kids learn shapes and colors while having fun — the easiest way to learn. The wall panels are made from high pressure laminate in tile form, ready to hold up to almost anything. Tiles feature cut outs, to hold the pieces of the puzzle. And the best part, the shapes and colors are custom made for your family. If your son or daughter is crazy for horses, get them every color of the rainbow to help them learn colors. Or mix and match (as they have done in the photos) for the widest range of playtime learning. Just be sure to choose a yellow goat!

The designs are limited only by your imagination!
More information: Yellow Goat


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