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Goccia Bathtub by Marmorin folds open to expose a Sultry Silhouette

The Goccia collection features a gelcoat material of high plasticity that allowed the manufacturer, Marmorin to create a silhouette of tub and sink with a folded over edge, as thought the fixtures have been peeled open to expose their sultry interiors. The interior shape includes an ergonomic tub formation for optimal body position and washbasins that seem to flow in one aerodynamic direction. The choice of white on white or black on white means you can have either a minimal impact design or one full of drama. I prefer the black tub peeled open to expose the white interior; the storyline is dramatic and very exciting.

Whether you choose the all white or two-toned version of Goccia the visual is a fresh take on bathroom fixtures that leaves static design at bay; the slight “lean” of the tub keeps leaves any room with an expression of movement and organic lines. Sultry, streamlined, and simply stunning.


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