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Printed Glass Bathroom by Elidur – Grace bathroom

Elidur presents the Grace printed glass bathroom: a bathroom with the clear simplicity and sanitary benefits of glass, but offering so much more. Lovely, bold floral printed patterns are captured within the satin glass suite with a radiation method, mean that the Grace glass bathroom is as durable and easy to maintain as it is pretty. The cheerful motif of flowers continued throughout the bathroom creates a unique environment where all parts are perfectly matched, and a feeling of lightness and joy is created. The shower, sink, shelves, mirrors and storage units are each, in themselves, pieces of artistic expression that have a great visual impact when teamed together. Storage compartments made of fine oak or walnut, plus a sink in glass or porcelain complete the look with their complementary touches. Choose the Grace bathroom suite from Elidur for a flexible, modular printed glass design that will never lose its sense of fun and adventure.



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