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Glass Bath Faucet from Fantini – Venice (“Venezia”) by Matteo Thun

Designed by Matteo Thun, the Venice bath faucet collection is a daring, modern style created from Murano blown glass! The crisp, sharp corners accentuate the amazing glass-on-glass construction of the faucets. Gorgeous black colored glass is encased within transparent glass for a surprisingly depth and clarity. As Matteo Thun puts it … “The end result is an object with vibrant edges and an outline which is both clear-cut and, at the same time, mobile. An object which, formally speaking through its hexagonal sections, pays tribute to liquid mechanics and, ironically, its handles seem to evoke upturned glasses, illusions to an everyday use of water. All this makes the “Venezia” range, the first set of all-glass taps, an icon which makes luxury a matter of discreet and allusive elegance.” Italian bath faucets with poise and beauty, the Venice range is from Fantini.



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