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Geometric Walls That Bring Fun Into Any Room

If your home is in need of a pick me up, it is time to take a look at your walls as the perfect place to make a daring statement- that is where a geometric pattern comes into play. The geometric pattern works well due to how cool and invigorating it is without the need of additional décor. It gives you the ability to expand the room with color, texture, tiles and even provide a depth of character in a modern, optical illusion type of way. The following geometric walls are sure to inspire you to try them at home for a touch of fun.

Hand Painted

Match your painted walls to your floor for a unique illusion that almost feels like a fun maze you can walk through on a daily basis.

We love the idea of a hand-painted wall, the idea of having a hand painted geometric wall is just so unique that it makes complete sense to have it as a statement in your home as the main focus. A hand painted element allows you to work with your selected color palette and with your choice of pattern. The idea is to have a distinctive display that is personal to you.

Carefree Lines

Take your geometric, free lines to the next level by having them painted in a metallic hue. Adding that metallic touch will brighten the room overall and make it feel grander.

Sometimes a room needs something much more modern, and carefree to bring a new vibe to the room- that is where carefree lines comes into play. While you are remaining in the geometric world you are also creating a look that is completely different from what you already have. Use one color and allow it to become the focal point of the room in a cohesive manner.

Black & white

Keep the room, with neutral shades to allow your black and white geometric wallpaper to make the room feel grand and have a neutral charm.

Whether you enjoy color or neutral bits a black and white pattern can be the perfect complement between the two options. When going for a black and white approach contemplate a bold display. The reason for this being black and white might not be as bold but when you take it the color wave to the next level by having a daring display that showcases the color individually.

Complementary Display

For that contemporary touch consider having a colorful geometric display. Having color is perfect for that touch of modern and unique.

Why have one patterned element when you can have two? We love the idea of having two patterns that gracefully complement each other. This can be done by using similar colors in both pattern displays. Whether you add a striped pattern or an abstract mural the ideas are endless, the key is using a bold color that blends well together.

Statement Wall

For that bit of statement, consider a triangle, geometric pattern. The smaller triangles should have similar colors to your theme in order to stand out yet blend beautifully.

Regardless, of how much décor you may already have a statement wall is always a great idea. You want to take your wall and make a huge statement in that specific room by allowing the room to have that daring edge. The key is using bold colors and working them into the space with lighter hues throughout.


Your 3D wallpaper should almost jump at you from the moment you see it. To further enhance your 3D touch, make sure your wallpaper has a bit of color for that added pop of character.

Why have a one-dimensional approach to your walls when you can have a multidimensional approach instead? Consider having that multidimensional element be a geometric pattern that bounces off of your walls in a way. You want to create a 3D effect that has a brightening effect yet creates that unique touch to the room.

Earthy Touch

Work with light hues of wood in order to contrast the earth hues that blend into the space while still being bright and airy.

If you are looking to add an earthy touch to the room a blue, green, gray, or brown geometric pattern is the way to go. Add wooden elements to further emphasize the earthy approach, you want your room to have, think of it as a way to embrace the space in an overall manner. You might even want to add a floral appeal.


For that repetitive feel, you want to have the same pattern and color displayed throughout.

A repetitive pattern is a great option when your main focus is to make a bold statement. The key is having that touch of daring that jumps off of the walls in a modern yet cool and edgy type of way. Keep your main colors and theme yet allow a repetitive pattern to be that solitary element that adds that dose of beauty.


Keep the uniqueness as neutral as possible to keep the room put together, add hints of color throughout.

While geometric pattern already has an unconventional appeal to it, take it to the next level by bringing a twist of an abstract patterning. The abstract element allows your wallpaper to feel new and refreshing. The idea is to have the room as open and airy as possible yet with a hint of daring, the perfect blend of texture.

Bring it to the Kitchen

Consider a neutral geometric wallpaper for a contrasting approach towards your decor.

Last but not least, we bring you a geometric pattern in your kitchen. The kitchen is the perfect place to experiment with different colors, textures, and character. With that being said, a geometric pattern will bring a brightening and enhancing touch to the room, you could even pair your tiles to match your wallpaper as well.

Are you interested in a geometric pattern for your home? Share with us your thoughts below.


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