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Garden Sofa with Light – Plust Airball by Euro 3 Plast

Italian manufacturer Plust are enlarging their outdoor furniture collection with the Airball Light sofa and armchair. The organic shapes of the collection derive from the Gumball sister collection, and they look just as soft and comfortable. The round perforations increase the sensation of lightness in terms of weight. By equipping the sofa and the armchair with outdoor or RGB lights, the pieces get a new out-of-space dimension. The collection looks very young and playful, and its full potential is exploited at night. No more need for a disco ball, any party will be animated by these seats, especially when a multicolored light escapes from the round holes! The color of the shell is white, but you can have it in your favorite color by simply changing the color of the light source. The sofa and armchair are suitable for private gardens but they can create great atmosphere in public outdoor spaces or in contract environments. Perfect to create a beach lounge for example!



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