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Garage Morphs into Interior of Row Home

A private Row Home in Darlinghurst, which is a suburb of Sydney, Australia, this 4305 sq.ft. house is an open plan of garage, offices and living quarters, all in one spectacular warehouse style 2-storey building complete with exposed trusses, polished aggregate flooring and so much more. The industrial chic aesthetic is so complete the garage even morphs into the social zone.
With an entrance directly off of the street the homeowner’s can literally drive right into their home, park their car or motorcycle and instantly be relaxed by the comforts of home without even having to go through a doorway.

At first glance, from the outside this row house is not much different then its neighbors, with the exception of its updated facade. There are two standard entrances and a garage door just as you would expect, only in this case the garage door does not go to a garage at all.
Once the glass garage doors have been slid aside and the owner has driven into the designated parking spot they can get out of their car and either head to work a few feet to their left or travel forward to a large living and entertaining area.
The office area and the parking zone are both under a lowered ceiling which accommodates the master suite upstairs but once you enter the social zone, the volume becomes double height, exposing the heating ducts traveling through gorgeous wood plank trusses.
There are not many windows in a row house but the space is kept well lit by a series of skylights on both sides of the ceiling peak.
Since the space is HUGE there are three separate seating areas for entertaining with a dining area across from one of them.
The seating area across from the dining zone is where the media center is located.
Although the open plan living space is HUGE, the media center has been carefully laid out to create a cozy and intimate environment.
Just behind the media center is the back exit and a flight of stairs that leads to the upstairs kitchen at the back of the home.
A second more intimate dining area is right next to the kitchen. Here, unlike the downstairs, there is a window overlooking the back of the property.
Upstairs at the front of the dwelling, accessed by a second flight of stairs next to the office, is the master suite, here pairs of French Doors with Juliet balconies overlook the street below.
On a hot summer’s day with the doors open, the master suite is the “coolest” place to hang out.
Sometimes parking your car inside your home is not enough, if cars as important as living quarters than a car shop inside a house could be the answer.


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