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Funky Porcelain Tableware from Seletti – i-Wares

Seletti is an Italian editor of cool design objects, ranging from furniture to tableware, practical or decoration items. The i-Wares collection is a funky reinterpretation of the classical “service de thè”. The twist in this series is the handle, which comes in strong fluorescent colors such as green, orange, blue, fuchsia and yellow. The collection is made of the i-Teapot, the i-Sugar bowl and various types of cups: i-coffee for espresso, i-Tea for tea obviously and i-Mug for longer hot drinks such as lattes, cappuccino etc. The teapot and sugar bowl come with handles in yellow only, whereas the cups have handles in all the above mentioned colors. They look great as a set, but also individually. As they come in nice individual boxes, they can make great design gifts. In the i-coffee and i-tea cup boxes for example you will also have the saucer and the porcelain small spoon that go with the cup. They are made in heavy porcelain, so there is a nice contrast between the delicate look of the porcelain work and the actual weight of the cups. When you lift a cup, its weight is unexpected and surprising, and contributes to the funkiness of the concept.



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