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French Loft With a Scandinavian Spirit

Despite being located at a corner of Place de la République, this French loft looks like a hybrid between a Scandinavian apartment and a classic New York loft.

Designed by Festen Architecture and furnished by Abimis, it uses the white color scheme to take a full advantage of its extended windows, vaulted ceilings, and an open plan.

French loft with a Scandinavian spirit
Kitchen island with a cooking top has a visual connection to the stainless steel dining table

Regardless of the lack of exposed brick, the loft gets its New York flair from iron-framed windows. These extend across the entire main room, opening it up to the city views much like it is done in the New York lofts. The white walls, columns, and staircase, however, give it a classic Scandinavian look. There aren’t many decorations or design elements, so the frosty minimal atmosphere very much translates into the Nordic aesthetic.

Wooden floors soften up the all-white interior and cold metallic kitchen with untreated natural color and texture. Modernist furnishings complete the living area, rendering the place pleasantly nostalgic.

Apart from its interior architecture, the kitchen makes a more interesting part of the interior design. Consisting of three units, made of stainless steel, it looks positively industrial yet polished and even sophisticated. Regardless of size, the room seems to be very storage-friendly and capacious. Completely disconnected, it lays out perfectly and even connects visually with the adjoined dining area whose table also features a stainless steel tabletop.

Not typical for both Paris and New York, this beautiful loft could easily pass up as a Scandinavian home.

Parisian Loft Where Scandinavia Meets New York

Abimis kitchen storage units
Stainless steel sink is the third piece of the puzzle
White chairs connects the dining area to both kitchen and the rest of the space
Stainless steel makes a really nice contrast with the white

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