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French kitchen designs from Mobalpa

Capturing cosmopolitan style from around the world, the glamorous kitchens from French company Mobalpa bring foreign beauty and vitality to your home. A Mobalpa kitchen is like visiting a far off city every time you step into your kitchen, making that exotic and contemporary style an everyday treat. Ideal for expatriates and those of the jet-set, torn between two homes or cultures, these quality modern kitchens offer a taste and flavour of your favourite city. Inspired by Tokyo, London, San Francisco and Paris, these French kitchens offer the quality construction only available from one of France’s dedicated and long establish kitchen companies. Glamorous modern kitchens that use dramatic materials to breathe life into simple designs, Mobalpa create not just beauty but international character in their fabulous kitchen designs.
Heliante Red – Tokyo

Starting in the far east, we find the Heliante Red Kitchen which has the vibrant vitality of Tokyo. Glossy imperial red cabinets are matched with dark natural wood for a high impact design. Steel accents and accessories bring a gleaming sharp edge to the Heliante Red. When set into pristine white walls, the Heliante Red achieves the Zen like balance often found in eastern designs. By embracing the extreme contrasts in its materials and finish the Heliante Red offers a sense of serenity and harmony. Capturing the dynamic vibrancy of Tokyo in a contemporary design, the Heliante Red brings eastern flavour and charm into your kitchen.

Heliante – San Francisco

Moving east we arrive in San Francisco, where the Pacific is wrapped in mysterious sensual fog. The Heliante kitchen uses the colour of glass and water to mirror this sense of transparency and light. Featuring illuminated shelves and brushed steel accents light becomes an integral aspect of the Heliante design. This expansive and cool design creates an open welcoming atmosphere similar San Francisco’s famous spirit of tolerance. The sea coloured units bring to mind cool California breezes and foam crested waves, and much like the city fuses cultures and cuisine, the Heliante blends stone, metal and lacquer into a seamless vision. A relaxed and inviting kitchen design that offers open spaces with a modern sophistication, the Heliante kitchen brings you the laid back style of San Francisco no matter where you live.
Omega Havana – London

From San Francisco we fly to London where we are captivated by the dark sultry style of the Omega Havana. Full of rich coffee colours, the Omega Havana has a trendy palette of dark coffee, light latte and pale cream. Paired with a distinctive layered ash, the kitchen gains an organic warmth. Capturing the hip fashion of London’s most fashionable neighbourhoods like Notting Hill and Shoreditch, the Omega Havana exudes metropolitan style. The warm browns create a seductive atmosphere that wraps you up in alluring comfort. A fantastic way to include the multicultural vibrancy and modern sophistication of London in your home, the Omega Havana kitchen by Mobalpa brings designer fashion home.

Gaia Capuccino

From the British Isles its a short train journey to the continent, where the life often takes a slower pace. The Gaia Capuccino kitchen embraces this slower and more family centred life. With a spacious light design, the Gaia Capuccino creates a calm and pleasant kitchen in which to cook your family’s dinners. With luxurious lacquer cabinets and drawers, the Gaia Capuccino offers satin and glossy stretches of solid colour. Contemporary glitter is added with Visiere matt chrome accents, for an elegant attention to detail. A modern design inspired by the European approach to daily life, the Gaia Capuccino offers a contemporary serenity for today’s busy world.
Eos Chocolate

France has always been known for its culinary flair, and in the Eos Chocolate kitchen Mobalpa offers a simple contemporary French design style. Featuring oak doors finished in a dark chocolate lacquer, the Eos Chocolate blends rustic and modern styles. With just a touch of texture in the oak grain, the Eos Chocolate has a practical durable feel. Each door features a profile hand grip which adds definition and detail to the wooden oak fronts. The long profile handles help create a strong horizontal element which is then mirrored in the long cappuccino coloured laminated worktop. Offering a contemporary vision of French sophistication and quality, the Eos Chocolate brings the luxury of France to wherever you live.
Odyssee – Paris

Finally we reach the pinnacle of French culture and cuisine in Paris, the city of lights. Like a shining star, the Odyssee kitchen sparkles with sophistication and glamour. With a modern industrial flavour, the brilliant metal and light lacquer of the Odyssee creates dynamic kitchen design. Featuring roll top cabinets which slide down to conceal appliances and clutter, the kitchen embraces the needs of ‘Attic Living’. A fantastic environment in which to create, the white cabinets are like a clean canvas on which to work. Like the glamour and beauty of Paris, the bright open Odyssee kitchen captures the sparkling talent of France’s kitchen designers.
A single French company that can offer you the world, Mobalpa brings exotic flavours and cosmopolitan style to luxury kitchens. Using years of market leading technology, Mobalpa offers quality craftmanship and practical design experience to create the finest in French kitchens. So whatever international flavour you crave, Mobalpa can serve up a luxurious kitchen design.


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