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Free-standing Vanity Soft from Qin for classic modern bathroom

Qin Soft free-standing vanity in white
The Soft free-standing vanity from Qin is a mixture of soothing lines… and others that are anything but! The deliberate contrast is immediately apparent in the legs of the vanity, which flair gently out but end in dramatic sharp points. These four legs set the tone for the piece, continuing up to end at the top in unexpected diagonal corners which increase the viewer’s interest, whilst also balancing the vanity beautifully. An adaptable vanity, the picture above demonstrates how well it works in a more classic or transitional interior, here with wall panels and molding. Below, we can clearly see the vanity in a more modern setting where the features work equally well. This ingenious design means that the vanity will endure as a sophisticated focal point for many years. Get yours from Qin today.

Qin Soft vanity in gold


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