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Fountainhead Toilet from Kohler with Eco-friendly Flush

[New Product Coverage from KBIS 2008]
Kohler Fountainhead toilet K-3524-0 one-piece elongated toilet in White
The attractive one-piece Fountainhead Toilet completes the range of Kohler Fountainhead Suite. The Fountainhead Comfort Height toilet stands alone without a tank, offering an iconic, sculpted silhouette. A one-touch button activates the slow open or close of the toilet seat and/or lid, and also the automatic flushing function. Up-to-the-moment Power Lite flushing technology is powerful; yet conserves a considerable amount of water with each flush. Additional benefits of the Fountainhead toilet include a handy LED light integrated into the design to ensure no stubbed toes in the night; as well as a heated, ergonomic seat which will do away with chilly cheeks. A welcome and inviting prospect indeed: the Fountainhead Comfort Height toilet from Kohler.


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