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Ultra Modern Flooring by Senso – seamless resin floors ‘Impressions’

This ultra-modern flooring from Senso transforms a flat, boring surface into the most appealing aspect of the room! Just launched by Senso and renown designer Marcel Wanders, the Impressions flooring collection is an entirely seamless resin floor, made using the company’s innovative Freeze technology. According to Wanders, “When Senso came to me a few years ago to think about their new possibilities for Freeze technology, I did not hesitate. I know Senso well. The company is really good in technical innovations.” With the goal of creating a design worthy of his praise, Wanders designed a range of patters boasting modern three-dimensional effects in the hottest hues for the season. Between the company and designer, the respect is mutual. Says David Bols, director of Senso, “Marcel Wanders is at this moment one of the most important designers in the world. It is amazing to bring new, advanced products to market that carry the touch of creativity of someone like Marcel.” To see the full collection visit Senso.



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