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Floating Pool from Mobideep – sanitary swimming areas

Mobideep, seen on Contemporist, has just raised the bar in poolside entertaining with this stunningly exotic and unique approach to swimming areas. Can you imagine owning lakefront property but having no deck or patio to sit by, and the water isn’t the cleanest looking? Now with a Mobideep, you can create a sanitary and fantastic floating pool area and deck/patio space wherever there’s water. It raises some controversy – using water that is filled with chemicals when there is a lake or pond in the surroundings already – but there are eco-friendly ways around the cleaning solutions, and perhaps not all water areas are safe. This floating pool is so unique, that memories made from an anniversary or just an informal gathering among friends, would last forever. Now you can relax in your favourite places that are home to murky waters and creepy crawlies, and swim in a clean area. The floating stations come in all shapes and sizes and decks and pontoons are all customizable. They are easy to maintain and installed in one day, giving you the opportunity to appreciate immediately. Next time you’re thinking of an elegant evening party or a gathering to go down in history, remember Mobideep and its modern creations.



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