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Floating home from Poland – Totally Deluxe, Modern and Mobile Water Home

You’ve always dreamed of having a house right on the water. Polish company Water Home is making those dreams a reality – literally – with its innovative floating home design. The Water Home uses a unique floating system that guarantees safety, stability and buoyancy while providing resistance to inclement weather. The Water Home offers all the convenience of a traditional home, but with a whole new level of modern luxury. Power comes from land or a generator with the option to install wind turbines and solar panels. Likewise, water is sourced from land or the home’s independent pumping station. For the tech-savvy, Water Home boasts an intelligent design equipped with TV, radio, satellite, Internet, audio and video with main navigating unit or EIB system. For the style-savvy, this modern floating home has it all. The lower deck includes a hall, living room, kitchen, bathroom, sauna, an accessory room, a wind catch and a large lower-deck patio. Upstairs you’ll find two bedrooms, a second bathroom, and an upper-deck patio. Imagine enjoying sunsets from the large outdoor spaces; fishing and water sports right in your own “backyard”; hosting a tête-à-tête or an extravagant party in this spectacular setting. And if the setting doesn’t suit your fancy, you can just move – the Water Home is totally mobile. Water Home.



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