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Floating Glass and Wood Mobile House

Designed by Dymitr Malcew for Paris based developer H2orizon, this floating house is one of a kind. One can easily imagine it as the floating bungalow of a luxury Indian Ocean hotel, but this home can be placed anywhere it can float, be it river or sea. The house is characterized by a sandwich -like structure, a glass and wood filling between two identically sized slices that form the floor and the ceiling. The floor is built on a buoyant platform which can float from place to place, while the ceiling is supported by a system of pillars and glazed exterior walls. The glass curtain walls allow for the micro movements this house has to face because of the uneven water movement.The other advantages are the amount of natural light that penetrates into the house, and the complete exposure to the magnificent natural environment. If generally a house grounds its owners to one place, this floating mobile home offers them the opportunity of exploring new horizons while being practically at home. The structures offers two generous bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Every area of the house opens up to a perimeter terrace that surrounds the house, creating a real connection between man and nature. The environmental impact of this house is minimal, and yet it offers an extraordinary living experience. Nomadic life gets a new dimension, the one of luxury.

This floating structure can be moved from one natural paradise to another, and life can feel like an ongoing holiday.
Sunrise to sunset, those who live in benefit from amazing views any time of the day, or night.
The materials and furnishings are luxurious but understated, with purposely no connection to boat interiors, as this is not a boat but a home.
Indulge in the warmth of precious wood paneled walls while on the other side the view expands to infinite aquatic horizons.


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