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Fire Urns by Agio – outdoor dining centerpiece ideas

Looking for great ideas on how to spice up your next al fresco feast this summer? Bring some heat to your patio, deck or backyard with these amazing outdoor Fire Urns from Agio. The yard has become the new favorite living space at home, thanks to awesome innovations in outdoor furniture and accessories. And as you would your indoor living and lounging rooms, complete your outdoor living area with one of these portable tabletop fireplaces. These modern fire urns make a fabulous centerpiece, offering the look of luxury while keeping your tabletop lit and your guests warm. A romantic, exotic ambience is easy to achieve – just pair these wonderful fire urns with vibrant table linens, flowers and candles, and some great dinnerware. Ideal individually on small tables, or in groups on large tabletops, a fire urn will complete the look. For more information, visit Agio.



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