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Finnish Sauna Viitta from B+S Finland Sauna

bs finnland sauna viitta Finnish Sauna Viitta from B+S Finland Sauna
This generously-sized Finnish sauna will add so much to your lifestyle – the Viitta sauna is from German company B+S Finland Sauna. The perfect size for enjoying with friends, the classic log sauna has a great climate for unwinding and stretching out. You can choose the temperature and humidity – have you tried different Finnish sauna variants such as low temperature and high humidity, for example? Made with huge wooden planks, the Viitta (which means Cape in English) manages to look totally up-to-date both inside and out. Fully customisable, it will accommodate your ideas for a personal touch. You can co-ordinate the sauna with your bathroom tiles, or choose the color of the curtains to match – perhaps with your own picture too. Likewise, if you dream of a starry star above, or a basin full of aromatic herbs… these too can be accommodated in the design of your sauna. Enjoy the health benefits of a sauna with real style – the Viitta from B+S Finland Sauna.
Or, how about this curvy Nordic sauna from Klafs?

bs finnland sauna viitta 1 Finnish Sauna Viitta from B+S Finland Sauna



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