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Fun and Festive Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas time is the perfect excuse to go over the top and decorate your home from top to bottom, which is why its one of our favorites. Keeping that in mind, we bring you fun and festive Christmas decorating ideas in order to this holiday season less stressful and more enjoyable. Time to decorate While listening to Mariah Carey and drinking hot chocolate. Here’s our take on Christmas decorating ideas that will absolutely make you prepared to sing Feliz Navidad with family and friends.

Layers upon Layers

In order to layer properly, you need to know what your decor will consist of, therefore; keep a theme and apply it throughout the entire space.

When you want to bring a cozy touch to your décor layering is the way to go. Layer multiple different sizes decorative bits to create one uniform look that has dimension, and beauty while having classic holiday cheer. The key is using one or two colors that blend well together yet have a slight difference to them.

Mason Jars

Take your mason jars outdoors and allow them to bring a Christmas touch to the outside of your home in a chic yet traditional way.

Bring out the mason jars! These tiny jars are perfect not only are they excellent cups to drink from, but they make even better decorative bits. Use them as part of your table for a cozy appeal, fill them with LED string lights for a unique twist or you could even consider having candles inside of your jars to bring a softer glow anywhere they’re placed.

Play on Color

Metallic is excellent for the winter, cold months as it warms up the area you’re decorating while having that hint of classic Christmas decor.

Want to play a twist on color? Go the complete opposite from what traditional Christmas hues such as green, red, white, silver and blue. Instead, blend in hues of gold for a pop of metallic that brings a different twist without taking away from your décor in total. The key is to have them blend in seamlessly, so it makes sense.

Christmas Mantel

When it comes to your mantel go big or go home. The larger the better as it brings more to the room while enhancing it.

There is nothing more enchanting then to create the perfect whimsical Christmas mantel. Your mantel is not only the perfect place for laying around a few decorative bits it’s also the perfect area to display your favorite Christmas décor, but you might also even want to consider adding light fixtures or even string lights that pair well with the décor you already have.

Trees and More Trees

Purchase a few trees that call out to you and decorate around them allowing them to make the main staple of the room.

Why only have one Christmas tree when you can have multiple trees? Add multiple trees throughout your home in different sizes to bring a unique twist. It is one of the easiest ways to bring a holiday twist to your décor without overwhelming the space. Contemplate adding in ceramic trees in multiple colors and/or patterns to complete the look.

Do not forget Patterns

Working with pattern is always a good idea, as it adds character as well as texture right when and where you need it. Work with colors that work well and bring the space together.

Patterns are perfect for all-year-round décor, but they take extra meaning during Christmas. The main reason for this being there are numerous different patterns to choose from and decorate with, from rich and bold to classic and simple. You could even go the modern way by blending multiple patterns that don’t usually work together and making them feel cohesive.

Glass Ornaments

The best part about class ornaments is that you can create them yourself, and add whatever decorative bits you would like.

Yes, you read that correctly, while glass ornaments have always been on trend this year, they are all the rage. This year we will see beautiful glass ornaments that have been crafted to appear almost crystal-like without taking away from the rest of your décor. Its modern, its fun, and its fresh the key is having your ornaments define what your décor will be without taking away from it.

Hello, Yellow

Want to keep the beauty of summer alive even throughout the winter? Add yellow poinsettias for a beautiful contrast between what you have as decor and what your decor will appear like.

Still dreaming of warm days and summery nights? If so, add yellow bits throughout the room to ensure you bring a lively summer appeal even when it’s cold and gloomy. Pair it with traditional Christmas décor to ensure you make the statement you intend to make while still having that unique flair that is personal to you.

Bring on the Garland

Add garlands right where you want them for that classic winter cheer that works with everything you already have.

Do not forget the garland! Garland is quite the Christmas staple; therefore, consider adding a few throughout your home to bring your holiday décor full-circle. Consider adding different size and style garlands to match your décor seamlessly in a way that brings holiday cheer in a chic yet festive manner.

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple is easy, all you have to do is work with a neutral palette and allow it to make a statement on its very own.

While we all love over the top, décor simple can always work best, especially when you’re working with décor that comes to life in a seamless manner. The key is already having holiday décor throughout and adding those signature bits that has a rustic touch in the classiest manner.

How do you prepare your home for the holidays? Share with us some of your beloved decorating ideas.


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