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Faux Painting by Degage – The Decorative Arts People

Faux Painting by Degage provides awe-inspiring alternatives to traditional paint and wallcoverings, as this sensational foyer and stairwell demonstrates. Rather than highlighting the walls with a solid coat of paint or a standard wallcovering, the faux painting application has transformed this space into a majestic setting amongst the trees with vistas that extend into the countryside. The height of this grand entryway has been further emphasized by the vertical nature of the tall and narrow trees that seem to extend to the ceiling and beyond. In this particular case, the walls have been painted in “grisaille”, a faux painting technique whereby the artist has utilized a monochromatic palette of varying shades of umber to emphasize the depth of the landscape. Degage’s scope of work ranges from faux-painted furniture and walls to highly detailed trompe l’oeil murals that are ideal for expanding small spaces. They have enabled homeowners to transform each and every room in their home into one with a view – whatever that view may be. Degage


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