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Fashionable function in the bathroom: Family Basin by VitrA


Taking function and fashion to a new level (literally!), VitrA has come up with this unique two-level bathroom basin that warrants closer inspection on account of its unusual looks and its super-smart design. The Family Basin is a double sink that is indeed easy to use for the whole family – adults, kids and those with physical limitations hampering their daily cleansing routine. By placing these sinks at two heights, one at a full height of 85 centimeters and the other at 40 centimeters, you can wash your hands and your feet with ease, and little ones can effortlessly reach the lower sink, promoting independence for kids and the elderly. Users enjoy the ultimate in convenience and a cool, contemporary aesthetic which becomes the focal point of your bathroom. Done in sleek white ceramic, these square double sinks take the fluid form of a “Z” complete with two faucets and a storage shelf to store soap and towels underneath, within easy reach. Pamper yourself and create a bathroom that is chic, sleek and efficient all at once. Contact VitrA for additional information on the Family Basin.




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