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Beautiful Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Tips

There seems to be this recurring trend of “recycling,” what this means is what was once considered “old school” or not as “trendy” is now the best way to bring a timeless allure to any room. This time we are focusing on farmhouse living room decorating tips, in order to bring you a fresh take on an endearing decorating style.


If you already have an open floor plan displayed as part of your kitchen allow your living room decor to flow throughout the entire space. Doing so will bring a cohesive charm that feels crisp and airy.

When many of us first look into farmhouse decorating, we immediately assume the home must have a rustic touch. However, that is not always the case, in fact, we have come to conclude that the best farmhouse living rooms have a twist or two of modern which is where having an open concept comes into play. The idea is to have a welcoming feeling, but with a very almost personal visual. The key is using comfortable furnishing, paired with open lines and industrial light fixtures for that engaging implication of farmhouse style.

Bring in a Different Vibe

To bring a different vibe consider the light fixtures you use. A unique light fixture could be exactly what you need to bring that twist of modernity that is felt throughout the entire room.

Farmhouse décor can be combined with multiple other styles, in fact, it is more versatile than most trends. Keep the décor as traditional as possible to farmhouse aesthetics and add a rug, modern sofa, and unique coffee table to break up the style and amp up the new vibe. Adding a different vibe is easy when you know what to work with.

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

Add wood beams to your reclaimed wood ceiling to bring a hint of something new. You want to consider it as the ultimate form of adding a modern charm to your ceiling.

There is something crisp, clean and cozy about having a wooden ceiling. Somehow it screams comfort and charm all at once. Incorporating organic bits allows the combination of textures to become a focal point with a bold twist. It modernizes the space without the need for additional furnishing elements.

Simplicity and Comfort

When it comes to displaying comfort you want to have as many welcoming and cozy items as possible, including an abundance of throw pillows, blankets, and even a few candles.

As soon as you decide on adding a farmhouse approach to your décor you want to take simplicity and comfort into consideration. The two specific words will take you far when you’re decorating your living room. So, don’t go big on ceiling décor or finding expensive material, instead opt for necessary items that add a relaxed touch with an elegant finish.

Monochromatic Charm

For a classic monochromatic approach, consider the architecture of the room, if you already have wood beams ensure they become a part of your decor by having other wood elements.

When it comes to farmhouse style, monochromatic is always a good idea, not only is it traditionally acceptable, but it makes the room feel grand in its own kind of way. A few details can make any room feel like a farmhouse. Add a few wood pieces and sleek lines to bring a grand approach right where you need it.

Industrial Twist

For a classic industrial touch, add a few items that feel new yet are quite unique to the room. The key working with furniture pieces that don’t necessarily seem like they work well together but somehow they do.

The simplicity of farmhouse décor can take a unique turn by simply adding industrial amenities. Adding architectural pieces throughout the room, allowing you to capitalize on the structure of the room. Pair with modern furniture to complete the farmhouse approach with an industrial twist.

Bring the Outdoors In

Keep your furnishing light and airy in order to bring your crisp outdoor vibes directly in with a welcoming twist.

If your living room reaches to the outside or has large windows that expand into your décor or porch, focus on giving that the attention that it needs. Organic elements such as a rug, greenery, and outdoor furniture can make the room feel almost as if you’re outdoors.

Shiplap Always Works

Shiplap works wonders when you want to add texture to a room. There is something about its unpolished edges and unique display that gives authenticity to a room without much effort.

Since wood has been heavily used in farmhouse décor before, it’s time to take a stand and create a unique twist with shiplap. Shiplap paneling is one of the easiest ways to bring a farmhouse style in your home. Consider stained wood for a unique twist that still has that shiplap allure.

Farmhouse Color

Farmhouse color means you use, sleek decor that’s fresh and simple yet comes back to life with simple touches of blues, patterns, and grays.

A light, fresh color palette is not only an awesome way to bring a farmhouse appeal, but it allows you to use colors that brighten the room. You don’t always need to use hues of white, sometimes all a room really needs is a pastel twist which is where we are headed now. Consider adding bits if blues, beige and even gray for that fun, yet farmhouse charm.

Antique, Please

The key to a farmhouse decorated living room with antique bits is having your antique decor flow perfectly with what you already have.

Farmhouse décor is notorious for being easy on the eye, but with an antique vibe. You want to fill the room with antique embellishments that not only add that aged feel to the room but gives a little some different. The best part is you can collect items that have history and will eventually become staples in your home.

Tufted Sofa

There is something about a tufted sofa that just screams luxury and charm, pair it with other fun farmhouse elements to ensure the room feels grand.

Who says you can’t have a hint of luxury in your home when you are working on transforming your home into a farmhouse? The key is using key elements that bring a welcoming feel, that is where a tufted sofa will come into play. Keeping in mind your sofa is the main element of the room, so you truly want to work with items that make sense. In order to do just that, add a tufted sofa and allow to be the star of the new show- your living room space.

Is farmhouse décor one of your favorites? If so, share with us your ideas below.


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