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Fabric Chair by Green Furniture Sweden

fabric-chair by-freen-furniture-sweden-1.jpg
Wow – don’t these chairs look just like those colorful rag rugs we’ve all used for throw rugs (or bathmats, or door mats)? It’s amazing how close they look – but that’s because these chairs, too, are made from rags! The T-shirt chair line from Green Furniture Sweden is made from leftover upholstery material and other fabrics. And each chair has its own unique color and texture. Even better – you can replace the rags with fabric from your own leftover clothes – making it really, really personal. Over time, the chair becomes a memory. And how green is it that they are all made from leftover fabrics? And Green Furniture Sweden doesn’t just talk the talk – they walk the walk. Besides using recycled materials where possible, they plant a tree for every piece of furniture they make and encourage employees to travel via the company skateboard (or bicycles). Designed by Maria Westerberg, the T-Shirt chair is a “Green Furniture Award” winner – and we’re not surprised. It will be clear winner in your house, too!

fabric-chair by-freen-furniture-sweden-2.jpg
fabric-chair by-freen-furniture-sweden-3.jpg
What a fantastic mix of texture and color!
fabric-chair by-freen-furniture-sweden-4.jpg
There are many color ranges to choose from – almost anything you can think of, really.
fabric-chair by-freen-furniture-sweden-5.jpg
More information: Freen


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